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My new album “By Request” is a full, studio production – produced under the auspices of the brilliant Mr. Nigel Pegrum at Pegasus Studios.  Nigel is a genius, whose experience and flair helped me turn 11 songs into 11 amazing tracks.  The songs were chosen from the list of those I am regularly requested to perform, so they are songs you will often hear me sing out and about ...  but here they are given the full works, with professional musicians and backing vocalists ...  and me!

Earlier I issued a fully ‘live’ album, some of my favourite songs from the first Quintessential Quirk show in 2009.  What am I talking about, “favourite”???  I love ALL the songs – so I just closed my eyes and stuck a pin in the complete list of songs from the show, and those 15 songs were chosen.  Well, something like that.  This album was not a big production number, the tracks were taken from a couple of lines from the mixing desk, so there was very little chance to tweak, balance, or otherwise play with the live sound to make a balanced sound for a recording – like the videos of the show, the idea was to have something to remember the show by – a bit of fun!

Within the section on each album are links to 'preview’ the songs - please do this before splashing out on buying a CD, download album or download track.


"By Request"


Image of By Request album cover


These songs are some of my favourites of the ones most requested by my adoring fans! It is, of course, a mixed bag – some pop, some ballads, a bluesy number, even a bit of jazz; there are love songs, there are comedy numbers, happy, sad, cheeky and just a little itsy bit naughty – a quirky combination, just as you would expect!

Produced, recorded & mastered in Cairns by Nigel Pegrum of Pegasus Studios.


On the album:-

Karen White, me

(lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keys [Shoes])

Andree Baudet


Larry Cash


Russell Harris


Will Kepa


Simon McMennamin


Nigel Pegrum

(drums & percussion)

Kirk Steele

(keys, accordion)

Brett Charles


Nikki Doll


Rubina Kimiia



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"By Request" promo video



Song Samples

Snippets: 30-40 second's video snippet of each song available here.

Complete tracks: complete song audio tracks maybe sampled here.


Songs on "By Request" album

These Boots Are Made For Walking

These Boots Are Made For Walking – written by Lee Hazelwood this was, of course, a huge hit for Nancy Sinatra (daughter of Ole Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra), back in the 60s.

I Remember You

I Remember You – this is a fairly dark song written and recorded by Eilen Jewell, an American singer/songwriter.

There's A Guy Works Down the Chip Shop

There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop – written by Kirsty MacColl and Philip Rambow, this was Kirsty’s first hit, back in 1981 and it’s still one of her most popular songs.


Hallelujah – written and recorded by Leonard Cohen this is considered to be one of the most covered songs ever; I make no apologies for covering it myself, it is a truly beautiful song; Leonard wrote many verses but I stick to the four he included in his original recording of the song on “Various Positions”.

Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes – written and performed by Kirsty MacColl, this is a track from her Silver Disk winning album Kite; with the subsequent advent of ‘reality TV’ shows this song is even more relevant now than it was in the 80s.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – this was written by Kirsty’s Dad Ewan MacColl back in the 50s, for his then mistress Peggy Seeger, later his wife; my version owes much to Roberta Flack’s 1969 cover, which Ewan reportedly hated!

Mary's In India

Mary’s in India – written by Dido Armstrong and her brother Rollo this is taken from Dido’s album Life for Rent; it’s one of those songs with a little sting in the tail.


Shoes – written and performed by Karen White – yes, me! I was told that a good way to start writing songs was to stick to subjects one is either an expert on or is passionate about, so I covered both bases.

Down Drinking At the Bar

Down Drinking at the Bar – written and recorded by Loudon Wainwright III but I think this works much better sung by a female to a male, sorry LW3!

I Want My Money Back

I Want My Money Back – written by Gaye Adegbalola and performed by Gaye with her band Saffire, the Uppity Blues Women; a bit naughty but a lot nice.

Go With the Flow

Go With the Flow – written and recorded by Mark Grigg, aka Clancy, a very dear friend of mine; I’ve always loved this song and I think it’s the perfect way to finish off the CD – thanks, Clancy!

"QQ Live show album"


Image of Quintessential Quirk Live album


Songs from Quintessential Quirk 2009

This is a selection of 15 songs from the original show, recorded live for posterity!  As always with me, there’s a mixture of moods and emotions here, including some that definitely come under the PG notification – adult themes abound!  Nothing too raunchy, though, but a lot of fun, and there are a few beautiful, ‘straight’ songs in there too.


On the album:-

Karen White, me

(lead vocals, acoustic guitar)

Andree Baudet

(saxophones & keys)

Ben Hakalitz


Will Kepa


Warren Wheeler


Marilyn Davison

(Quirkette - vocals)

Tamzin Laredo

(Quirkette - vocals)

Angela Zammataro

(Quirkette - vocals)

Danny Ross

(special guest)

Frank Frikker

(special guest)

David Green

(special guest)


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"Quintessential Quirk - live" promo video


this video mostly shows songs of Quintessential Quirk 2010, not 2009!


Song Samples

Video: videos of "Quintessential Quirk 2009 - live" songs are available here.

Audio: complete song audio tracks maybe sampled here.


Songs on "Quintessential Quirk 2009 - live" album

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven – years ago John attended a music event whilst I was away, and came away with an EP by local lass Belinda Butler; this track is one from that EP and I loved it the minute I heard it – with Belinda’s permission I now cover it with great glee!

It Ain't the Meat

It Ain’t the Meat – it’s Maria Muldaur’s version of this song that caught my attention; very naughty but, let’s face it ladies, also very true!

Soho Square

Soho Square – this song is particularly special to most Kirsty MacColl fans ... after her untimely death at the age of only 41 friends, family and fans organised and paid for a memorial bench in Kirsty’s honour to be placed in Soho Square, referring to this wistful song, in particular quoting on the inscription “One day you’ll be waiting there, No empty bench in Soho Square”; now those folks and more gather round that bench annually around the time of her birthday to commemorate her life and her music.

Mungindi Rodeo Queen

Mungindi Rodeo Queen – a great song from Simon Mellor, aka Slim Knackers, set in the little country town of Mungindi which straddles the Queensland/New South Wales border; it’s the tale of a gal recalling how she achieved her goal by nobbling all the opposition – love it!

Masochism Tango

Masochism Tango – a classic Tom Lehrer number ... as he puts it “a passionate love song of the fiery variety”; and how.

Like a Surgeon

Like a Surgeon – I’ve never seen myself as one to cover many Madonna songs but when I heard this parody of “Like a Virgin” by Weird Al Yancovic I just couldn’t resist it.

I'm Your Man

I’m Your Man – well, OK, so I’m not a man, but in context I am, indeed, your man; one of Leonard Cohen’s sexiest songs.

Country & Western Super Song

Country & Western Super Song – following a throwaway line some years ago it is now an ‘in joke’ that I ‘don’t like country music’ ... well, generally I do but not the really over-the-top country & western songs where little Billy Bob is orphaned, then his foster parents beat him, and they starve his puppy to death, and ... you get the picture – there are not many musical genres that I actively dislike but that is one of them; and that’s why I love this Billy Connolly song so much.

You Can't Change a Thing

You Can’t Change a Thing – I first heard this Nick Charles song performed by the man himself in Port Douglas and it really struck a chord with me (no pun intended); I wanted to perform it myself – and Nick gave his permission – but to make it really work it needs a good, finger-picking guitarist; cue the amazing Danny Ross as one of my special guests and off we go!

One of Those A Minor Days

One of Those A Minor Days – I am a great fan of Mikelangelo with or without his Black Sea Gentlemen and had great fun performing his song here with all three of my special guests to close Act 1 of the show.


Gypsy – my long-time favourite song by a long-term friend from my days in Southport, England; this song, by Barry Womersley, was even covered by Roger Whittaker, so I’m in good company!

Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex – another Tom Lehrer number; short and to the point; if you don’t know the story of King Oedipus then ‘search’ for it before listening to the song – then laugh out loud!

I Was Dreaming

I Was Dreaming – one of my favourite Clancy songs – a song by a very special friend, truly wonderful sentiments and with the beautiful Quirkettes on those soaring backing vocals I feel we did Clancy proud.


Celestine – oh, this is such a good premise for a song, another Kirsty MacColl gem: “I’m prim and proper and well behaved – that woman in the naughty underwear behaving so outrageously isn’t me, it’s the person who lives in my head!” Yeah, right!

It's True What They Say

It’s True What They Say – a few years ago I helped direct and produce a show called Port Unplugged; somehow I was part of the decision-making that came up with the idea that in the first Act the musicians should perform “A song I wish I had written” (I performed Clancy’s “I Was Dreaming” – see above) and then in Act 2 we should perform “A song I wrote”; great idea – except I hadn’t written any songs; so I had a think about it and this is what I came up with; and it is true.

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