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Mobile: 0418 183 003
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The musicians I work with are professionals – even the ones like me, with a day job and we just do this performing lark for fun – we all know that we have to deliver what we promise.  So – what are you looking for?  You can have me performing solo, maybe as the ‘feature personality’ at your corporate conference grand dinner; you can have me with backing musicians, from one to as many as you can fit on your stage; you can have a full band for an evening with me joining them as the ‘feature personality’ as above.  Those musicians I mention are friends and we work together as a team to offer the format and the type of entertainment you need for your event.

Use the "contact me" page to let me know what you’re looking for, with as much information as you can give me, and I’ll get back to you.  Let’s communicate – good communication gives good results!


What I offer ...

corporate gigs exhibitions
entertainment for private functions
performances as as a solo artist
performances as a duo, trio or with a full band
my own quality PA/lighting equipment & operator (locally)


Where I perform ...

predominantly in FNQ Australia
anywhere else in Australasia
UK, Europe, USA, Canada


Performance styles ...

flamboyant presentation
cabaret or show theme
popular & unusual songs of the baby boomer era
entertainment more than background music


Why you should use me ...

I’m unusual – different
I always deliver my passion for music
most professional on & off stage
fun & entertaining
no fuss & reliable


" Contact me" for a free no obligation
fully costed proposal against your requirement!


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Me at a private function, Whitehall, London - image: 151108644
At a private function above in Whitehall, London

Me at a private function, Whitehall, London - image: 151108637
At that private function in Whitehall

Me at a Kirsty (McColl) Fest, London - image: A3834
At a Kirsty (MacColl) Fest, London

Me & Danny Ross - image: 5927
With Danny Ross at the Clink Theatre, Port Douglas

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