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Karen White, Singer Songwriter - NEWS / JOIN MY MAILING LIST


When I have something to tell the world, I will post it here on this webpage in my website.  I’ll also mail it out as an email newsletter, so if you want to keep abreast of my antics then join my mailing list - please use the form below.  I don’t lead a massively busy life, so I won’t inundate you with mailers!!  So, again, use the form below or send me a message through the "contact me" page and I’ll add you in.

Otherwise you’ll just have to keep checking in here to read what I’ve been up to ...  “What Quirky Did” and “What Quirky Did Next” – but no “What Quirky Did At School”.  If you’re male and/or not old enough to have read the “What Katy Did” books just ignore that bit.  I am not male and I did read the books – exciting stuff they were for a young ‘un!

News ...

My focus of late has been rebuilding this website.

Next on the agenda is:-
Shooting a promo video for 'By Request' (February 2014)
Organising my new 'By Request' album launch in FNQ (March 2014)
The organising 'By Request' launch in London (Sep/Oct 2014)
Production of an Adults Only EP (mid 2014)


Want to tell me something?  Use the Contact Me form on my "contact me" page!



Karen at her first bush gig - image: 2977 At my first bush gig - brrrr!

Karen at Port Douglas musos - image: 5077 With Larry & Craig at Port Douglas musos

Karen at Tamzin's memorial - image: 3017 At Quirkette Tamzin's memorial

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