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Karen White, Singer Songwriter - PHOTOS


One of the (very few) disadvantages of ‘living’ the singing of comic and/or emotional songs is that I pull a lot of strange faces when I sing; they’re relevant to that moment in the song but when they’re captured for posterity by a camera they can look distinctly odd.  As a result, whilst we have heaps of photos of me performing, many of them are not particularly flattering in the cold light of day.  So if my expression looks a little strange in any of the selected photos do not be alarmed – I was probably singing that my granny had just lost a wheel off her wheelchair and gone over the nearest cliff, or some such.  This is a selection of some photos from many locations and events including the Quintessential Quirk shows, various open mic nights and even that grand wedding reception in London; we have gzillions more – if you’re looking for a particular style of photo of me (with or without an instrument) for publicity purposes just drop me an email with your requirements and I’ll see what we can offer.


My hubby decided to make a gallery for me on our work website.  In this gallery he’s put a handful of images he thinks are good and interesting ... hmmm!  You might be able to tell that I’ve never been fond of photo shoots.  Anyway, copies are available for free – they are available in two sizes: “LR” for social media/internet use and “HR” for print use (“HR” files are huge!).  Just email the file name (which is obvious on each image) using "contact me" and we’ll email back to you your requested image/s.

Here the link to his gallery on me – the Quirky One.


Meanwhile here's a few ...


images to form hyperlink to my photo gallery at axio.fotomerchant.com
Images acting as a link to my photo gallery

me & Parrothead Bob - image: 5377
A lovely memory with a lovely person "Parrothead Bob" at Radio Port Douglas

me with some songbirds - image: 4472
Another lovely memory with some of the “Songbirds in Port”



my first photo shoot - image: kjw-baby-11
An early photo shoot

a recent photo shoot - image: A4728
A more recent photo shoot!!!

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